THE LIGHTED CANDLE SOCIETY (LCS) is a non-profit entity organized in 1998 in the District of Columbia. The LCS is approved by the office of the Utah Division of Consumer Protection to operate as a non-profit entity in the State of Utah.

The LCS was created by John L. Harmer and the former Attorney General of the United States, the Hon. Edwin Meese III.  Mr. Meese and John Harmer both served in the cabinet of Ronald Reagan when he was the Governor of California. Mr. Meese went with President Reagan to Washington, D.C.  However, because of family considerations John Harmer chose not to participate in the Reagan Administration in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Meese remains one of the three trustees of the LCS along with John Harmer and Mr. Brent Ward Esq, the former United States Attorney for the State of Utah.

For seventeen years the LCS has been involved in efforts to confront the production and distribution of sexually explicit material by:

  1. Funding scientific research on the effects of sexually explicit images upon the human brain.
  2. Sponsoring seminars in various parts of the United States regarding the negative impact upon society that comes from the presence of sexually explicit materials in the media and as are widely distributed through the Internet.
  3. Printing and distributing books, monographs, newsletters, and audio-visual materials regarding the research.
  4. Submitting Amicus briefs to trial courts, appellate courts, and the Supreme Court of the United States regarding matters before those courts that effect the moral environment of our culture.

In pursuit of the above objectives LCS representatives have appeared in these courts as legal counsel and have testified before many state legislatures and the Congress of the United States, and have made numerous appearances as interviewees on various electronic media programs.

Today, the need to fight against sexually explicit material is greater than ever. The LCS believes strongly in removing such material from society. We are grateful you have found the LCS and our website. We hope you will come to understand our mission and join with us through providing support and sharing our resources and educational programs with others.

Following is the mission and vision of The Lighted Candle Society:

The Lighted Candle Society protects individuals, families and communities from the poison of pornography. Supporters of the Lighted Candle Society build greater understanding about the dangers of sexually explicit materials and train others in mind management enabling others to live free from the symptoms of a growing tide of filth. The Lighted Candle Society uses its resources to facilitate the exercise of constitutional rights thereby raising a public voice to protect the innocent. When others have been adversely affected by deviant behaviors, the Lighted Candle Society works to provide healing.


The Lighted Candle Society accomplishes its mission by:

1. Educating the American people regarding the ultimate destruction of our society because of pornography and related declining morals. This result is accomplished through research, publication, conferences, presentations, workshops, and information provided on the Lighted Candle Society Website.

2. Developing individuals’ mind management abilities and healing brains affected and warped by pornography and the declining moral values of society. Mind management abilities are increased through educational workshops and treatment programs, listening to CD’s, and practicing principles of meditation.

3. Protects religious freedom by promulgating principles of truth and by facilitating a public voice for the protection of our national constitution.

4. Empowers parents to more effectively control the public education of their children. This is accomplished through training parents to know how to affect the processes, curriculum and outcomes of public education.

Learn more about our history and work click Here, or click Here for introductory videos

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