John L. Harmer, Chairman, Lighted Candle Society

After nearly fifty years of battling against the production and distribution of pornography as an attorney, an elected public official, and a citizen activist, it is my intention to leave with the reader a brief summary of my own perception about how we have come to the current state of affairs with regard to the presence of obscenity in our society. That state of affairs can only be described as having a society that is now so saturated with the obscene, the profane, and the vulgar to such an extent that soon the rising generation will have no ability to choose between good and evil, right and wrong, decency and debauchery.
My battle against pornography began in Los Angles County, California, in 1964. In the decade of the sixties and the early 1970’s the content and nature of pornography was primarily found in pulp magazines that were never displayed in public. The combination of the profitability from pornography and the apathy of the general public regarding this obscenity encouraged those who produced and distributed pornography to become determined to produce motion pictures that were compatible for projection in the theater. An inept decision by the U.S. Supreme Court created the concept of a distinction between “adult pornography and child pornography.”

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