In our last newsletter we informed you of a lawsuit filed in the Utah Second District Federal Court by an entity called “Equality Utah” as the Plaintiffs.  The defendants in the lawsuit are the State Board of Education, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Cache County School District, the Jordan School District, and the Weber School District and their respective Boards.

The contention of the Plaintiffs is that students (and teachers) who are “lesbian, gay, and bisexual or transgender” (LBGT) are being discriminated against in the public schools.  The lawsuit alleges that the Plaintiff entity is an organization with ten thousand members in Utah, including teachers and families of students whose “orientation” is that of LBGT.  The plaintiffs allege that LBGT students are “stigmatized by a culture of silence and non-acceptance, subjected to bullying and harassment by other students, and being denied the same protection against bullying and harassment provided to other students.”

For nearly twenty years the Lighted Candle Society has documented the existence of a world-wide conspiracy by various entities composed of individuals and organizations who are determined to replace the traditional family by re-defining the family as it has been and now is defined in the laws and the culture of western civilization.  During the past decade this conspiracy in the United States has aggressively targeted the public school systems of the nation as the primary mechanism to promulgate the LBGT philosophy.

In the fall of 2014 during the debate regarding Utah’s statutes on the subject of “same-sex marriage” the Lighted Candle Society published the following statement:

“Should the Supreme Court determine that same-sex marriage is a constitutionally mandated right the public schools throughout the country will become a battleground for the loyalty and safety of the children in the traditional family.” (The Family And The Public Schools; the Lighted Candle Society © 2014.)

The Supreme Court did decide that all of the fifty states would have to give “full faith and credit” to all marriages performed in other states. That prediction two years ago by The Lighted Candle Society of the ultimate consequences to the families of Utah from the mandate of the Supreme Court is now being fulfilled by the filing of the “Equality Utah” lawsuit.  If the “Equality Utah” lawsuit succeeds every reference in the state statues restricting the teaching of homosexuality, Lesbianism, Bisexual and Trans-Genderism (LGBT) will be turned upside down.  What is now restricted will in fact become mandated as a part of the curriculum in all of Utah’s public schools from Kindergarten to the 12th grade.

In our October 2016 newsletter we quoted an article in the Sunday 22 February 2016 edition of The Wall Street Journal written by Nicholas Eberstadt in which he wrote:

All around the world today, pre-existing family patterns are being up-ended by a revolutionary new force: the seemingly unstoppable quest for convenience by adults demanding ever-greater autonomy…Thanks to this revolution, it is perhaps easier than ever before to free oneself from the burdens that would otherwise be imposed by spouses, children, relatives or significant others with whom one shares a hearth.”

In other words, we have a generation that has lived by indulging themselves in the luxury of never having to bear the financial and time consuming burden of creating a family unit.  Those individuals will soon be looking to the rest of society to shield them from the just consequences of that indulgence.

Eberstadt summarizes the cause of this tsunami by referring to it as “The Global Flight From The Family.”  He refers to it as “…a significant international victory for self-actualization over self-sacrifice, and might even be said to make a new chapter in humanity’s conscious pursuit of happiness.”

Eberstadt’s summary is only partially correct.  The “global flight from the family” is more than just a societal victory of self-gratification over self-sacrifice.  It is the victory of the world wide “secret combination” that is seeking to destroy our culture and our freedom.  The lawsuit filed by “Equality Utah” is in fact a tactical maneuver by this secret combination in support of their strategy to destroy our freedom by destroying the basic unit of our society, the family.

In our Newsletter of 21 December 2016 we quoted Southern Utah University Associate Professor Dr. Bryce J. Christensen, Ph.D., commenting on the effect of similar legislative enactments or initiatives as follows:

“And once (these mandates) are in the public schools, the children of traditionalist parents will often find themselves under a steady bombardment of liberal and anti-family (themes)…The NEA’s lurch to the left has translated into any number of anti-family memes (sic), including Lesbian and Gay History month, open attacks on “misguided and divisive” ballot initiatives (such as Proposition 8 in California)…official sponsorship of textbooks that evasively define family as “a group of people” or “the people you live with.”

The attorneys for the plaintiffs in the Equality Utah lawsuit are headquartered in three cities; Washington, D.C., New York City, and San Francisco.  For years these attorneys have been representing the LGBT entities in various parts of the country and in the nation’s capitol.

Just the annual fees for these three laws firms in their representation of Equality Utah will total at least a million dollars a year.

World- wide the funding that is sustaining the work of this secret combination totals hundreds of millions of dollars.    Brian S. Brown, the President of the International Organization for the family recently stated:

“It is no secret that we are vastly out-spent and out-organized at an international level.  The International Planned Parenthood Federation alone has a budget of over 125 million dollars.  Foundations like the Arcus Foundation, the Gill Action Fund, and the Open Society Foundation funnel hundreds of millions of dollars into undermining the natural family.  Our budgets pale in comparison…If Tim Gill, one of the largest funders of the movement to redefine marriage, can vow to spend his half billion dollars in pursuit of that goal if necessary, we surely can do better in funding and mobilizing a global movement.” (Brian S. Brown, Uniting Liberals and Discontents, The Natural Family, Vol. 30 # 3, 2016)

This incredible disparity in the amount of funding that is available to protect and sustain the traditional family as opposed to the huge amounts noted above are being provided to destroy the traditional family is not coincidental.  It is a part of the strategy of the above referenced secret combination whose ultimate goal is world domination.  The greatest obstacle to the attaining of this goal of world domination is the existence of the traditional family.

We have previously quoted from the writings of Christine de Marcellus Vollmer, the Founder and President of the Latin American Alliance for The Family.   On May 17, 2016, Ms. Vollmer addressed the Tenth Annual World  Congress On The Family at their meeting  in the Baltic country of Georgia in the city of Tbilisi.  In her talk she summarized how extensive and powerful this secret combination has become.  We quote from her speech as follows:

I have been asked to speak to you today about gender ideology in education.  This has been a well-laid plan of Marxist philosophy, which is basically diabolical, counteracting as it does all those things which allow mankind to thrive; family, property, freedom, self-sufficiency, the fulfillment of each one’s talents and potential.

The Marxists want control of each individual.  And those intellectual Marxists managed to infiltrate important departments of the UN and are actively pursuing world government.  As argued forcefully by Antonio Gramsci, one of their own,…Communism will not be able to be imposed until Faith is destroyed, and Faith can only be uprooted if we dismantle the Family.

First came the destruction of marriage through divorce and contraception, then the undoing of the sacred bond of motherhood through abortion and state control over parent actions…Parents are now to be overseen by the state…

The goal of the UN has become obvious; it is the destruction of all the structure of our Judeo-Christian culture.  Genesis is to be dismantled: “Man and Woman He created them”; “Be fruitful and multiply”; “Care for and subdue the earth.”  All of these are to be done away with….

Some of the liberties lost to the retreat from reality include the illegality of teaching natural marriage, the banning of separate bathrooms, and the legal prohibition of treating those who have “gender confusion,” even if they seek such treatment…

The Natural Family, an International Journal of Research and Policy, Vol. 30 Number 3, 2016.

What the plaintiffs are seeking in the Equality Utah lawsuit is a judicial mandate that the LBGT agenda be adopted into the public school curriculum.  The Utah lawsuit is being financed by the above noted secret combination.  Should the lawsuit succeed the attorneys for the ACLU and the LBGT organizations around the country will be filing the same lawsuit in all of the other forty-nine states.  Their overwhelming superiority in financing portends the ultimate success of the anti-family strategy described by Ms. Christine de Marcellus Vollmer, as quoted above.

Unlike the 07 December 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor that found our nation totally unprepared for this attack on our freedom, we do not have the luxury of a Pacific Ocean separating us from the enemy.  They are now in our midst.  Their financial power vastly exceeds that of our allies. Their tactics have been perfected in our country and elsewhere.  They are confident that ultimately they will attain their objective of eliminating the natural family in one generation.

Within a week Equality Utah  will be filing with the Court a motion for a Preliminary Injunction requiring the defendants to cease adhering to the present language of the Utah Education Code which prohibits the teaching of homosexuality as an “alternative “ life style.  The filing of this and other subsequent motions is part of a trial tactic to wear down the resources of the defendants.  They will continue this strategy of attrition for as long as is necessary to ultimately prevail.


Even if you are unable to use the enclosed envelope to make a financial contribution there are still many things that you can do to help win this battle for the survival of our culture and our freedom.

  1. YOU CAN GO TO OUR WEBSITE AND COPY TO YOUR COMPUTER THIS NEWSLETTER.  (  You can then forward this newsletter to everyone on your personal e-mail list.
  2. A part of the LBGT strategy is to elect people to the school board who will support their anti-family agenda.  Become aware of what your incumbent school board members are doing.  Encourage people of strong moral values to sacrifice the time and effort to become elected to the school board.
  3. You can involve yourself in the governance of your local public school.  You do not need to have children attending school.  As a citizen you qualify     to be a voice for reason and survival in your local school district.  You cannot fulfill this responsibility in ignorance.  If you cannot attend school board meetings select someone of like-values and recruit them to be your eyes and ears at the school board.
  4. The Lighted Candle Society has published a book entitled: A GENERATION OF ALIENS. You can go to Amazon dot com and buy a copy of that book.  Read it and then loan it to a friend to read.  In knowledge there is power and this book will empower you to be a trusted soldier in this cause.

I am confident that the majority of those who take the time to read this newsletter will agree that indeed a great evil has come upon us, the ultimate result of which could be the loss of our most treasured liberties.  But will that realization overcome the power of procrastination?

How often we have heard the agonizing remorse of those for whom the consequences of their procrastination  to deal with an evil that had grown too powerful and too well established to be thwarted had shackled their liberties.   Their confession that their failure to act assured that when it became too late they were no longer able to act but only to be acted upon.

Elder Neal A. Maxwell noted that “Our circles of influence may vary in size, but size is less important than the quality and integrity of what we do within those circles.”  He then quoted with approval the words of J.R.R. Tolkien:  “It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succor of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till.  What weather they shall have is not ours to rule.”  (Gandolf in The Return of The King, New York: Ballantine Books, 1965, 190)

If now isn’t the time, if you are not the one who needs to act before it is too late, then when is the time and who is the one?

JOHN L. HARMER – Chairman, The Lighted Candle Society

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