(NOTE: This newsletter builds upon our prior newsletters of October, 2016, November 2016, and January of 2017.  These prior newsletters are available on the Lighted Candle Web site at  The motivating factor for this series of newsletters is the lawsuit filed against the Utah public school system by the Homosexual/Lesbian organization with the name “Equality Utah.”)

In our November2016 newsletter we informed you of a lawsuit filed in the Utah Second District Federal Court by an entity called “Equality Utah” as the Plaintiffs.   “Equality Utah” describes itself as an organization composed of individuals who practice Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Bisexuality and Transgenderism.  (LBGT)  If the “Equality Utah” lawsuit succeeds every reference in the state statues restricting the teaching of homosexuality, Lesbianism, Bisexual and Trans-Genderism (LBGT) will be turned upside down.  What is now restricted will in fact become mandated as a part of the curriculum in all of Utah’s public schools from Kindergarten to the12th grade.

The “Equality Utah” lawsuit has obviously been many months in the making.  The public announcement by the Chairman of that organization was before a large audience of individuals supporting the goals and objectives of the lawsuit.  Within the plaintiff’s petition the organization claims a membership of “more than ten thousand members“ in the state of Utah, including an undisclosed number of “LGBT teachers who teach in the Utah public schools.”

The defendants in the lawsuit are the State Board of Education, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Cache County School District, the Jordan School District, and the Weber School District and their respective Boards.

The ultimate objective of this lawsuit is to require that the curriculum in the Utah public and charter schools include materials advocating same sex marriage and homosexuality and lesbianism.  Same-sex marriage is to be taught as being equally desirable as is traditional marriage between a man and a woman.  The state education code currently prohibits the teaching of these perversions.

The complaint was filed on Friday 21, October, 2016.  On Wednesday, 25 January, 2017, the plaintiffs filed seventy pages of additional pleadings which included a Motion For A Preliminary Injunction that would require the public and charter schools in Utah to cease following the current prohibitions against teaching these perversions and to include in the class room curriculum the teaching of same-sex marriage, homosexuality/lesbianism, and transgenderism.

The principle attorneys for the Plaintiffs in the lawsuit are from law firms in Washington, D.C., New York City, and San Francisco.  These firms are part of an extremely well-financed world-wide combination whose ultimate objective is to eliminate the traditional family.  In our November newsletter we cited some of the sources of the hundreds of millions of dollars that are donated to the LBGT organizations and through them are provided to these law firms and entities like “Equality Utah” each year.

This is not the place to set forth the legal arguments that will be presented to the Federal Court in the course of this lawsuit.  The office of the State Attorney General is required to defend the state and the local school districts who are the defendants.  With all due respect for the attorneys in the office of the Attorney General they are no match for the legal powerhouses that have been recruited by the combination of individuals and entities who are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the campaign to eliminate the traditional family.

In all probability the state will need to retain outside legal counsel to assist in the defense of the lawsuit.  Between the expenses for the Office of the Attorney General and the retainers for the outside legal counsel that the Attorney General will need to retain the cost of this litigation to the state will certainly come to millions of dollars.



In 2004, Professor Robert P. George, one of the very few academics who support the traditional family and traditional marriage wrote the following:

When President George W. Bush declared his support for a federal constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman, his most vitriolic critics, such as Senator Edward Kennedy, accused him of playing a divisive, mean-spirited political game. The New York Times and Washington Post, supporters of the idea of same-sex marriage, raised a more sophisticated objection to the amendment:  it betrays, they claim, the venerable principle of American federalism that respects states’ relative autonomy in setting marriage policy…State voters could and would prevent the imposition of same-sex marriage these critics argued.

Of course, what the critics secretly hoped for was exactly what happened.  Sympathetic justices on the Supreme Court with warped interpretations of the national constitution imposed same-sex marriage upon the fifty states.  Federalism and states’ rights’ as intended by the original writers of the constitution was essentially destroyed.

The exact strategy that ultimately resulted in same-sex marriage being imposed upon the rest of the nation is what is being pursued with the “Equality Utah” lawsuit.  The combination of the LBGT forces in the nation, and their tactical action arm Planned Parenthood, though a very decided minority of the people, will pursue the Utah litigation all the way to the Supreme Court.  The Court will be bound by the precedents of their own decisions in the same-sex marriage cases to apply the same doctrine to the Utah public schools and through them to all of the public schools in the nation.

And the result will be the following statement that we quoted in our 20 November 2016 newsletter:

Southern Utah University Associate Professor Dr. Bryce J. Christensen, Ph.D., commented on the effect of similar legislative enactments or initiatives as follows:

“And once (these mandates) are in the public schools, the children of traditionalist parents will find themselves under a steady bombardment of liberal and anti-family (themes)…The NEA’s lurch to the left has translated into any number of anti-family (curriculum mandates)  including Lesbian and Gay History month, open attacks on “misguided and divisive” ballot initiatives (such as Proposition 8 in California)…official sponsorship of textbooks that evasively define family as “a group of people” or “the people you live with.”

And the combination of anti-family, anti-Biblical, anti-religious forces will have captured their ultimate prize, the children of the Judao-Christian population of the United States.

The LBGT conspiracy has never even attempted to be subtle about their determination to capture the minds and hearts of our children.  They are openly confident that as soon as they obtain total control of the system of public education it will only take them one generation to eliminate the traditional family.  When asked the obvious question about how they expect to replace the existing population they are equally open and contemptuous of biblical based traditionalism.  Their strategy is so vile and evil that I am unwilling to repeat it here.


The hypocrisy and deceitfulness of the LBGT/Planned Parenthood strategy for invading the public schools is illustrated by how the Equality Utah petition to the Court specifically requests that the current state law prohibiting the use of student clubs to advocate homosexual and lesbian marriage be enjoined.  Just as the spokespersons for the LBGT conspiracy assured us in 2004 that “same sex marriage” would never be imposed upon the individual states the Equality Utah petition disingenuously has the following footnote to their petition regarding student clubs:

Plaintiffs do not challenge the Student Club Laws’ prohibitions against  ”the advocacy of sexual activity outside of marriage,” but rather seek an injunction requiring the term “marriage” to be interpreted and applied in a manner that does not exclude two persons of the same sex consistent with the decisions in Obergefell and Kitchen (citations omitted.)

The LBGT/Planned Parenthood proponents have always used this same deceitfulness whenever a similar issue involving the potential for moral corruption has arisen.  They did it with their zeal in abolishing prohibitions against abortion, with reducing the criminal punishment for rape and incest, with the elimination of anti-sodomy statutes, with all of their efforts to overturn statutes regarding the production and distribution of pornography, and as noted above, with assurances that same –sex marriage would never be imposed upon the states that had enacted laws defining marriage as a union between “one man and one woman.”

The same day that the Federal Court grants the Equality Utah petition for an injunction against the defendant school boards the LBGT advocates will be creating “student clubs” in every public school in the state whose charters will include a provision regarding “discussing and promoting same-sex marriage” and the practice of homosexuality as an “alternate life style.”

In our newsletter of last November we provided you with a strategy whereby you could help defeat this endeavor by the evil combination that is seeking to destroy the traditional family.  Once again we urge you to go our website at  to learn of the various actions that you can take to protect your children and grandchildren from this tragedy.


Ten years ago I predicted that what is now actually taking place in our society would happen.  Let me now go ten years into the future so that you can understand the enormity of the danger to you, your family, and our society if the present trend continues onward.

  1. Your nine year old daughter or granddaughter will come home from school having been taught how to put a condom on a boy.
  2. Your fifteen year old son or grandson as a high school student will have been mentally conditioned through the prior five years that there is no reason for him to feel shame or revulsion at any combination of physical intimacies with someone of either sex. His teachers will have brainwashed him to understand that “shame” is unnatural and prevents him from having a life that is “fulfilling.”
  3. The concept of “love” as a human emotion will have been eliminated from the relationship between husbands and wives along with all of the attendant features of love in marriage and in a family.
  4. The criteria for personal conduct will be summed up in what is now a current bumper sticker slogan: “If it feels good, just do it.”

Impossible you say.  Not so!  In 1934 was it impossible that during the next six years in Nazi Germany millions of Jewish men, women, and children would be taken to concentration camps where their ultimate destiny would be the gas chamber?  Today more children are born outside of a family unit than are born in a traditional family.  What will these children become growing up in a culture of unrestrained permissiveness?

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“Of all the sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these. It might have been.”



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