MARCH 2017


In the New Testament Book of Revelation, the last two chapters are John’s vision of the “holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God.”  In Chapter 22, verse 15,* John identifies those who will not be allowed to enter the holy city where God and Christ dwell.  Of them, he said:

“For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.” *(See also D&C 76:103)

For the past three months, our newsletters have focused on the litigation filed against the Utah State Board of Education and the Boards of Education of three of the largest school districts in the state.  The lawsuit was filed by Equality Utah, an organization dedicated to protecting the rights of  LGBT individuals, which includes lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgender individuals. .

In response to the advice given by the State’s Attorney General, the legislature enacted a statute that removed the prohibition in the state education code against advocating homosexuality.  The effect of the legislation is that now the public schools in the state must include homosexuality as a “normal alternative lifestyle” to heterosexuality, which is pursued by the overwhelming majority of families in the state.

The State could have defended the present laws as representing the desires of the overwhelming majority of the citizens of the State.  That would ultimately have taken the issue to the Supreme Court, where advocates could argue quite rationally that the State law should be upheld under the doctrine of “States’ Rights.”  That would have been a very expensive process.  The legislature’s decision was to opt for cut-rate costs over principle.

It was 2004 when the Lighted Candle Society published our first newsletter warning about the specter of “GENDER UNCERTAINTY” being introduced into the thought patterns of juveniles and teenagers within the public schools.  We warned then of the conspiracy by the LGBT entities to ultimately mandate the inclusion of LGBT behavior as “normal and desirable” alternatives to sexual abstinence prior to marriage and sexual loyalty to one’s spouse in marriage.

We reported in our two most recent newsletters the hundreds of millions of dollars being provided to the LGBT entities and their activist arm, Planned Parenthood, throughout the world.  During the eight years of the Obama Administration, the federal government spent billions of dollars to promote the LGBT and Planned Parenthood agenda in the United States and throughout the world.  There are dozens of documented instances where U.S. foreign aid was often conditioned upon commitments from recipient nations to include these perversions in their school curriculums.  To their credit, many of these nations simply opted to forego receiving U.S. foreign aid rather than compromise their traditional moral values.

Unfortunately, the Utah legislature did not possess that same moral integrity.

In November 2015, we distributed to our mailing list a report that documented the way in which the LGBT and Planned Parenthood perversions were being used to brainwash school children across the country into believing that they were afflicted with “Gender Uncertainty.”  The report was depressing and most people could only stomach a few paragraphs before they refused to read it any further.  With thorough documentation, the report warned of the bizarre concepts being advocated to schoolchildren as young as the fifth grade.  At that time, our readers could say, “Well, that cannot happen here.”

It has happened here. The Equality Utah proponents were dancing in the streets with joy when the governor passed and signed the legislature’s solution.

We say without apology that the Equality Utah litigation was exactly what the angel who spoke to John the Revelator meant by those “who love and make a lie.”  And their eternal fate will be exactly what the Angel of the Lord told John it would be.

This is not just a matter of moral values—it goes to the heart of our Constitutional freedoms.  An essential aspect of the creation of the American Republic was the acceptance by the founding fathers of certain cultural absolutes.  These cultural absolutes became the framework for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and the laws that were enacted under them.  They constituted the fabric which made possible the successful creation and preservation of the American Republic. The mission of the LGBT conspiracy is to unravel that fabric.

Through five decades of fighting against the production and distribution of pornography, we have watched how revolutionary technologies moved access to and consumption of pornography from back alleys and under-the-counter sales to being available in the home with instant access to all forms of graphic sexual content. Those who are determined to make the LGBT perversions a part of every schoolchild’s life willfully ignore the consequences in the lives of these innocent victims.

For decades, heartbreaking accounts have documented how these lies entrap the young and innocent into behavior that ultimately produces despair and misery. We know and understand that same-sex attraction is an actual psychological trait.  It can be a source of confusion in the life of anyone.  But there are other such traits that are equally impairing in the lives of many people.  A violent temper is an example of one such trait.  Those individuals who act out this trait soon learn that they must accept the responsibility to control it for their own safety as well as for the safety of others.

The same thing is true of those who are afflicted with same-sex attraction.  They too must overcome this emotional infirmity.  It takes time, patience, and determination, and it often requires the help of a trained therapist. But it can be done.

The liars in the homosexual/lesbian conspiracy would have our children believe it is appropriate to “act out” these feelings.  Why?  The evidence and experience of many people have confirmed that with the understanding of a determined family and the help of a trained therapist, same-sex attraction can be controlled.  It need not deprive anyone of a successful relationship with a member of the opposite sex.

The LGBT conspiracy tells the lie that those who suffer from this trait should accept it as a necessary part of their life.  Their strategy is to move the bedroom into the schoolroom while ignoring the misery and confusion that their lies bring into the lives of innocent youth.

The solution to this and other sexually related issues is not in the schoolroom at the hands of untrained exhibitionists. The solution is in the home under the careful and loving support of a man and a woman who have covenanted loyalty and fidelity to each other in their marriage relationship.

At the Lighted Candle Society, we have spent years and tens of thousands of dollars studying how the human brain and mind work.  With the techniques of spiritual mind management that we can teach to anyone in the privacy of their own home, we can shield and protect children from the ultimate eternal destiny of “those who love and make a lie.”

Nearly 50 years ago, Ronald Reagan, as Governor of the State of California, expressed great concern about what was happening to the moral values of our country and in California in particular.  As Governor, he issued a Proclamation:

“Recent developments in our country have indicated that a serious downward spiral of moral values is taking place, the net effect of which is to bring to pass a frightening increase in the incidence of crime and violence, a larger percentage of children being born illegitimately, and the very serious increase in the number of marriages being ended in the divorce courts.

Now, more than ever before in our nation’s history, the preservation of our freedoms, the enhancement of our country’s heritage, and the fulfillment of its manifest destiny as a citadel of freedom and the hope of a world torn with fear and strife, demand that the American family be sustained in its mission to bring stability and harmony to our society through homes filled with love and dedication to freedom, truth, and the sustaining of the law;

Now therefore, as the Governor of the State of California, I proclaim the week of February 16 – 22, 1969, as a WEEK OF FAMILY PRAYER, dedicated to strengthening the family and particularly honoring the mother in the home to the extent that all families throughout the State of California may rededicate themselves to building a society which will truly represent the finest potential for human fulfillment that man can achieve.”

 Compare that proclamation by a man who later became President of the United States with the following summary of how President Barack Obama used taxpayer funds to destroy the strength of the family in the United States and other nations:

“In 2015, President Obama’s first Special Envoy For the Human Rights of LGBT Persons, Randy Berry, rankled his Jamaican hosts with an unannounced visit intended to pressure the former British colony into normalizing homosexual relations…Between 2012 and 2015, the United States spent over 41 million taxpayer dollars to promote the LGBT agenda globally.  That’s in addition to monies from a $700 million slush-fund “earmarked for marginalized groups” that was used to “support gay communities and causes – more than half of which was spent in Sub-Saharan Africa.”  (Josh Craddock, “The New Cultural Imperialism,” National Review, April 28, 2015).

The Lighted Candle Society is a partner in The International Organization for the Family. We have been requested to present and distribute materials at an upcoming summit sponsored by the WORLD CONGRESS OF FAMILIES, a subsidiary entity of the International Organization For The Family.  At the summit, countries throughout the world will show how they are responding to the worldwide LGBT entities’ attack upon the family.


This summit will take place May 25-28 at the annual meeting of the WORLD CONGRESS OF FAMILIES in Budapest, Hungary.  With your help, the Lighted Candle Society can participate in that summit on behalf of the family in America and families through the world.


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