Mind Management: The Pathway to Permanent Healing

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Involvement with sexually explicit material damages the brain. This damage can cause negative affects in many aspects of life including ability to learn and focus, ability to manage stress, ability to regulate emotions, ability to make wise decisions, ability to develop close and loving relationships, ability to be productive at work, and ability to maintain your personal value system. If you have damaged your brain through involvement with sexually explicit material, you need to begin NOW to retrain your brain and overcome the damage. The Lighted Candle Society Mind Management seminar described in the above brochure will help you learn how to restore your brain and put a foundation in place for permanent healing.

The purpose of this one hour class is to train the brain in skills and abilities needed to abstain from the craving long enough for healing to begin and long enough for other healing remedies to be implemented, thus, providing individuals a pathway to more permanent healing. The training in this class will lead to mind management and control, thereby providing freedom and thus, allowing restoration of the brain to begin. This class will teach you to restore the executive function of the brain, to re-open healthy neural-pathways, and to re-balance brain chemicals. All of these outcomes can be facilitated through specific mind management practices.

Participants in this class will:

  • learn how sexually explicit material damages the brain
  • learn how the mind controls the brain
  • learn four functions in the mind and the corresponding location in the brain
  • learn what it feels like for thought to be in each location
  • learn how to regulate emotions and develop impulse controls
  • learn to use the imagination in good ways and thereby rebalance brain chemicals
  • learn how to enjoy being free from influences of sexually explicit material and heal your brain
To register for an upcoming Mind Management Webinar, please send us an email with the day and time you would like to participate in the webinar. Send your webinar date and time request to info@thelightedcandlesociety.net and suggest the time (Mountain Standard Time, USA) that would work for you. 



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