Author John Harmer confronts the myth of what some have justified as a “victimless” expression of agency – morality and the addictive vice of pornography. Clearly and honestly exposing the dark side of this harmful vice, this book soundly confounds with the real story of abuse, pain, suffering, filth, and absolute darkness. With quotations from prominent leaders spanning the decades, back to even George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, the author makes his point firm and indisputable. A book that helps put moral values in proper perspective, it is highly recommended for those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear.”


A simple line from the Old Testament, “there is no new thing under the sun,” is so compelling that it has fallen into common parlance. Pornography may not be a new thing, but new delivery systems are spewing the old thing everywhere. The Sex Industrial Complex: America’s Secret Combination — Pornographic Culture, Addiction and the Human Brain, an exposé of new manifestations of old perversions, is loaded with expert analysis and chilling anecdotes. Authors John L. Harmer and James B. Smith of the Lighted Candle Society examine television programs, video games, the internet, movies and magazines that deliver degenerate horrors to folks in their own homes. Americans spend billions of dollars each year on the Sex Industrial Complex (SIC) –- a term marking a misbegotten federation of businesses that pump porn through virtually every media outlet, affecting schools, government and culture. (From the New Oxford Review)


The author’s relationship with Ronald Reagan begins in 1962, four years before Reagan’s election as Governor of California. In personal conversations and correspondence with the author, Reagan defines the principles that will ultimately guide him as Governor and President. Through a series of personal experiences and private moments with Reagan, the author allows the reader to see Reagan “as he really was.” Further insights are offered by Edwin Meese and Judge William (Bill) Clark, two of Reagan’s closest advisors in California and Washington D.C.

It was in California as Governor that Ronald Reagan first experienced the conflict between principle and power in politics. The author provides examples of how Reagan’s unyielding faithfulness to his principles became the most essential facet of his political power. As he experienced the opposition and criticism of the liberal media and his political opponents, Reagan’s capacity to continue on an undeviating course to his ultimate objective was refined and confirmed.


An Interview with John Harmer Concerning Lighted Candle Society Publications



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