What is the Lighted Candle Society? (Five Videos)


                                      Hope for Those Struggling                                           with Pornography, Sexual Addiction and Related Anxieties

                 An Interview with Professional Therapist Bob Banta and                    The Lighted Candle Society Vice President – Tim Bothell

An introduction to Bob Banta:

Robert Banta, MSW, LCSW, Founder, CEO ArrowPoint Associates

Robert graduated from the University of Utah in 1998 with a Master’s
Degree in Social Work.  He has the state licensure of a licensed
clinical social worker and has been working in the field of mental
health therapy for the past 19 years.  He spent his career with the
State of Utah working for the Division of Child and Family Services
where he has been a child advocate for 30 years.  Currently he
administers Arrowpoint Associates, LLC – a clinic for mental health
therapy specializing in the treatment of pornography addiction and
sexual abuse.  He is approved by the Utah Department of Corrections to
provide out-patient sex offender community treatment.  He teaches at
the Salt Lake Community College in the Family and Human Studies
Department teaching Marriage and Family Relationships, Human
Sexuality, and Human Development.


An Interview with John Harmer

Concerning Lighted Candle Society Publications



The Truth About Pornography and Tips to Overcome


                                                    Jeffrey R. Holland                                                                                               


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